3m Steri-strip Wound Closure System

3m Steri-strip Wound Closure System
3m Steri-strip Wound Closure System
Product Description
Helps improve cosmetic outcomes – Non-invasive, sterile design helps 
scarring and the risk of infection, compared to sutures and staples, with 
less tissue 
trauma and better cosmetic outcomes. (Reference on file)
Protects – Provides both bacterial and viral protection.*
Easy on patients – Waterproof, yet breathable film barrier enables 
patients to 
shower, while allowing more comfort and freedom of movement.
Reduces dressing changes – Breathable closure and dressing may be 
worn up to 7 

Size : 
Dressing 2-3/8 inch x 1-7/8 inch (60mm x 47mm), Strip 1-7/8 inch x 1/2 
(47mm x 12mm)
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